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Connect with successful leaders in your field

Just successful leaders together in a place feeding off ideas, insights, and positive energies from one another. Connections like this are an underrated growth hack, and the value is not lost on us. We carefully designed our events to put you in these places. Our events are specially curated to unite successful leaders in your field, providing you with the perfect platform for networking, learning, and knowledge sharing. Our events are in four segments:

Under 40 CEOs Networking – You get to be a part of a quarterly meeting of 100 young business leaders across industries together in one place to discuss growth hacks and solutions that enable one another to grow.

Under 40 CEOs Live – A bi-monthly live recording of real and authentic conversations among successful business leaders. They give real insights into challenges and successes. Nothing is held back. You get access to it.

Under 40 CEOs Forum – This is for you if you’re an aspiring business leader. It’s an annual session where accomplished leaders meet aspiring ones. You get unfettered access to people you look up to in your field.

Under 40 CEOs Summit – An annual 3-day gathering of 1,000 young business leaders from across the continent. A festival of value-sharing through seminars and talks.

What’s in it for you

Opportunities to make valuable connections
You connect and interact with successful leaders in your field, opening up new doors for collaboration and growth.
Access to industry experts
You listen to speakers and panelists who are experts in their fields, providing valuable insights and knowledge to help you grow your business.
Pleasant african american woman conducting webinar for students online. Female tutor with notes sitting at home. Distance learning concept.
Curated content
We carefully select the content of our events to ensure that they are relevant, timely, and valuable to you.
Ist Forum
Diverse events
From Under 40 CEOs Live to the Under 40 CEOs Forum, Networking Events, Under 40 CEOs Summit, and more, we offer a diverse range of events to suit your preferences and needs.

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Collaborate with Notable Brands and Organizations

You probably already noticed we’re strong on collaborations. At Under 40 CEOs, we believe collaborations and partnerships increase the height you can get to in your business. We need one another. That’s why our Partnership service provides value-driven collaborations with notable brands and organizations.

We have worked with notable brands like [Input logos of brands here – at least 10 reputable brands]

We are also open to more collaborations and opportunities and our arms are always stretched to receive strategic partnerships if you’re interested.

By partnering with us, you:

Expand your network
Partnering with us means gaining unfettered access to our extensive network of entrepreneurs, investors, and thought leaders. This can help you expand your own network and build valuable relationships in your industry.
Drive business growth
Access to partners, investors, and thought leaders means growth for your business. We are always here for it.
Collaborate with like-minded individuals
Our partnerships are designed to connect you with like-minded individuals and organizations who share your values and goals. This can lead to new opportunities, partnerships, and collaborations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aspiring business leaders under the age of 40 at every business phase. Yes, that’s you.

By becoming a subscribed member of our tribe. We have four membership tiers; your membership tier determines your access to our events. Become a member by visiting our membership page here.

Under 40 CEOs Live is a bi-monthly live recording of real and authentic conversations among successful business leaders. You get to be part of the liv event for insights into life and business.

The Under 40 CEOs Summit is an annual 3-day gathering of 1,000 young business leaders from across the continent. A festival of ideas and values through seminars, talks, and gala nights.

You get to meet people that can invest directly into your business or help you scale through training and mentorship.

No. Our events are open to young business leaders across industries, including entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and professionals.

It’s a 2-way system where we partner with reputable brands and also allow for partnerships when you reach out to us. The aim is to put you in a room of business leaders to drive your growth.

We have an extensive network of entrepreneurs, investors, and thought leaders. You get mentorship, training and investment opportunities.

Please contact us through our website or email us. Our team will review your request and get back to you as soon as possible.