A Step Backward, A Leap Forward!

We welcome you to 2020 – the decade for Africans!

2019 was another great year to further advance our drive to enhance the socioeconomic development of the African continent. Although there were several issues and challenges, the year was an impactful one.

Just in case you missed anything in the past year, don’t fret. Please see below a snapshot of our 2019 below:

2019 in Retrospect
How we made it in Africa: The Book.

The Book.

Our book, “Under 40 CEOs. How We Made It In Africa. Volume 1” was released digitally on both BamBooks and Amazon. See here  and here

We partnered Mitsubishi Nigeria to produce the first season of “Under 40 CEOs. Drive Your Ambition” which was a huge success. 12 episodes were produced and have received over 100,000 views across all our media platforms. All episodes can be viewed here  However, you catch one of our favourite episodes below:

We held a media showcase and network event in Johannesburg, South Africa that was hosted by FORT and supported by Alfa Romeo.

We launched our video on demand platform where you can access all the interviews with our Under 40 CEOs as they give you insight into how to make in Africa across industries. See here

In our quest to change the narrative of economic activities in Africa and by Africans, particularly for the Under 40 CEOs network, the Under 40 CEOs initiated conversations with the London School of Economics and the African Leadership University in Kigali Rwanda to explore partnership opportunities. Understanding the role of intellectual communities in driving business development and innovation around the world, we have also brooked partnership with the Enterprise Development Centre (EDC) of the Lagos Business School and Regennessys Business School, South Africa to create opportunities for knowledge-sharing between them and our community. Update on these partnerships would be shared in due course.

We partnered the foremost business school in China – Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business to secure 4 slots twice yearly for members to be part of the China Start program, an immersion program/investor meet-up. Details of this would be communicated in due course.

Our Executive Director spoke at the United Nations General Assembly after receiving a nomination from the United Nations affiliated MIPAD as one of the Most Influential People Of African Descent.

We were at the Misk Global Forum in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, a convening of young leaders, creators and thinkers together with established global innovators with over 7,000 delegates from 170 countries. Our Executive Director spoke in a session alongside co-founder of Tesla Motors – JB Straubel with a focus on the risk associated with the start up community whilst encouraging the articulation on vision as a key component to success in business. He also facilitated the Entrepreneurship World Cup semifinals and finals where the top winner emerged to win $500,000.

We closed the year with our networking event in Kigali, Rwanda.

2020 Foresight
In 2020, in addition to shooting new episodes of the television show, we will also be holding a number of new events and initiatives Africa-wide including the Under 40 CEOs Live events in Nigeria, South Africa and Rwanda. Two breakfast meetings with the Under 40 CEOs network are also scheduled to hold in the course of the year.

Our full calendar for the year is here

Under 40 CEOs Live debuts with Tonye Cole at the Lagos Business School on the 18th of February, 2020. Click here to register. Limited slots available.

The Black CEO.
In line with our vision of improving the quality of businesses and business leaders in Africa, the Under 40 CEOs would be launching a flagship program for young entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs in Africa. Our BLACK CEO programme launching in 2020, is a year-long fellowship programme has been designed to raise business role models who are drivers of Africa’s development. The programme will attract and nurture young men and women below the age of 35 years old that are passionate about championing the socio-economic prosperity of Africa through a knowledge sharing, mentorship and networking programme aimed at improving their human capital, exposing them to economic platforms and guiding them to lead a well-rounded life.

Join Us!
Our investment bureau is now fully active and brokering investment deals between our community and Middle-Eastern and Asian investors. If you are a member of the network seeking finance to either launch a new venture or scale an existing one, please send an email to [email protected].

Join us in 2020 as we continue to inspire, support and build a community of successful young African business leaders.