Applying Artificial Intelligence to Business Management

Author: Tayo Oyedeji (PhD)

We started with a simple premise: can we develop a computer program that would help C-level executives develop and implement business strategy while proffering solutions to a wide array of business challenges? Can we get the software to do it with the intelligence of a competent human manager? The implication is simple: can we create an AI entity for business management?

Research on AI primarily focuses on 4 key components of human intelligence: learning, reasoning, problem-solving, and perception.

1. Learning: Our AI entity must learn from previous experiences and proffer solutions based on its learnings. For instance, if manager A performs action X to attain result Z, then our AI entity must recommend action X to any manager seeking result Z.

2. Reasoning: Intelligent entities can draw inferences from disparate data. Our AI entity must assess business data and tell executives how the business is performing on a variety of business objectives.

3. Problem-solving: Intelligent entities accept and use inputs to compute results. Our AI entity must accept inputs and use it to answer management questions like “which of my employees has worked hardest (work rate) or most efficiently (work results) at my financial objectives?

4. Perception: intelligent entities can scan environmental features to deduce meanings and assess relationships. Our AI entity must review management data to identify individual manager’s/employee’s efficiency and effectiveness at their jobs.

It has taken two years of active development to build a system that achieves these four components of AI. Our software is going through its final quality check. We plan to launch early next year and hope to provide business managers with a unique tool for implementing their business strategies. Stay tuned.