Breaking Into The Right Bubble

The average African youth is out of school and into the world by age 23, this gives him/her a clean slate to start in the world, to create, innovate and invent.

Tech has always been the go-to industry for new graduates although not all do make it there, some venture into media, agriculture, finance, and fashion. Some innovative youths took it upon themselves to create new opportunities like fintech, agrotech, influencing, and lots more.

With all these vast opportunities, the only problem is finding what is right for you, some youths tend to think Tech is right for them, get into it and then waste years and resources without striking gold, then they finally figure out what is right for them but by then it’s too late.

Knowing the right industry for you is vital, following the crowd has done no one good. People vary, some are creative, some lead, some invent; it’s all a matter of knowing what is best for you.

Take Nigeria and its youth for example; the country has had its share of industry bubbles, from the fintech bubble, influencing bubble, media bubble.

The fintech bubble was and is by far the biggest as tens of startups were popping up, everyone with either a fresh new idea or a reinvented idea; all ready to take the country, by storm but only a few made it through the public and even less made it through the investors. Those that didn’t make it through the public had only just jumped on a trend with no idea of what they were really into and if it was right for them, and those that didn’t make it through the investors probably had a concrete idea of what they were doing but probably just lacked the right skills and motivation to keep going.

Same as the influencing bubble, hundreds of influencers came up then but only a few are still relevant and this is also because they knew what was right for them.

And that is why these few individuals that made it through fall under the category of under 40 Ceos in the country, individuals that have made a name for themselves at such a young age and are still striving on.

A new decade is afoot, new bubbles are to come, old bubbles are coming back, new graduates are about to enter the market, about to meet the many opportunities and get confused about which is right for them.

At Under40 CEOs, we have documented these events, met with these individuals who defeated all odds to be where they are, interacted with them, and shared in their knowledge and experience. And we want to help the next generation of under 40 CEOs actualize their dreams.



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