Shukri Toefy Takes On Dual Role As CEO Of Fortified Group

Under 40 CEO Shukri Toefy, Co-founder and CEO of Fort will be taking on an additional role as CEO of Fortified Group, which Fort is a subsidiary.
SHUKRI TOEFY | Richard Flare Hughes
Fortified Group is an investment holding company with interests in media, film, professional services and property.
The new role which he has already been performing over the past 18 months, will see Toefy focus on the growth of the group and its subsidiaries, with specific emphasis on entertainment opportunities and an upcoming feature film project with partners in Los Angeles.
Toefy is an entrepreneur, investor, film producer and speaker. He is also an entrepreneurship expert at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford. During his time as CEO of Fort, Toefy has overseen the launch of Fort’s production network with partner offices across Africa and the Middle East and has pioneered an industry-leading shared prosperity model.
He has also been recognized on a global scale as a brilliant entrepreneurial mind and business leader. 
Congratulations Shukri Toefy! Under 40 CEOs wishes you all the best in this new role and future endeavours.