Under 40 CEOs Has A Gift For You This Month

Under 40 CEOs has a gift for you this month. We are not fooling around this April!

It is the second quarter of the year and we recognize that for most businesses, this is not the best of times considering the COVID-19 scourge that many countries are working extra hard to contain at the moment. We also realize that having to work from home may not be the most ideal situation for most businesses but we believe we can make the best of it.

We trust you are taking all the necessary steps to ensure that you do not expose yourself to the virus by firstly staying at home and going out only in the case of emergencies; if out, you must practice social distancing; also be sure to wash your hands properly with soap and water every chance you get and endeavor to keep your hands away from your face, especially your nose, eyes and mouth.

Most of the members of the Under 40 CEOs community first came in touch with us through our television show but ours is no ordinary show but a series of business case study materials that tells you what happened to and in a business per industry in Africa. The best business schools in the world deploy the case study approach to teach business because you need to learn about real-world organizational problems and how they can be addressed and the more you analyze them, the more you develop your problem-solving abilities.

Catch Under 40 CEOs on the following channels and times across Africa:

  • Africa Magic Family Channel 154 on DSTV/Monday to Friday at 1700hours West African Time.
  • Hi Impact TV/Monday to Friday at 1000hours West African Time
  • TVC Entertainment every Friday at 2030hours West African Time
  • RSTV Wednesdays 1100hours West African Time
  • ITV Abuja Thursdays 2100hours West African Time
  • DBS Tuesdays 2000hours West African Time

Wondering what our gift to you at this time is? Under 40 CEOs content has been on a token monthly subscription basis of $2.50 per month to access unlimited episodes of the show. This period we have decided to gift you these episodes for FREE! This month we will be releasing 52 episodes of Under 40 CEOs on our Youtube page everyday for 52 days starting from the 6th of April, 2020. Subscribe to our Youtube page to receive new episode notifications by clicking here. Learn how young Africans are building businesses from Ghana to Nigeria, from South Africa to Rwanda.

We had a series of events planned for every month this year till our annual forum in November. We already held 2 events including our Under 40 CEOs Live event with Tonye Cole (February) and Under 40 CEOs International Womens Day MeetUp with Kofo Akinkugbe (March). However, because of the recent turn of events we have decided to turn to technology at this time, hence, we will be holding a series of webinars starting from April, 2020. Please stay tuned to all our social media channels for updates.

Our first quarter was phenomenally impactful and regardless of the current situation characterized by a global lock-down, we intend to continue to work in line with our values, vision and mission to deliver value to our community.

Interested in becoming a member of the Under 40 CEOs Network? Send an email to [email protected] to get started.

Stay safe. We will be in touch.



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