Working With 5!

Under 40 CEOs is 5 in October, 2020 and its evolution into a Pan-African community of young business leaders committed to building Africa into a continent of 1st world nations by empowering young established, emerging and aspiring business people should be celebrated.

From launching its television series on TVC News and TVC Entertainment on the 9th of October, 2015.The series has expanded its reach to 27 African countries via STV, DBS, RSTV, ITV, GHOne and Africa Magic on DSTV. Today, the television series has an average viewership of 2.2million people every single week.

Under 40 CEOs TV series has been shot in and featured CEOs from West, East and South Africa and now has now established regional offices in all aforementioned regions.

The Under 40 CEOs community has grown into a 300,000+ people platform and delivered 8 events in the period across Lagos, Accra, Johannesburg and Kigali. The events ranged from Under 40 CEOs Forums to Under 40 CEOs Network events to Under 40 CEOs Live event to an International Women’s Day event.

Within the 5 years, the first volume of its book Under 40 CEOs – How We Made It In Africa was also published. The book tells the stories of the first 52 business people from our community featured on the television series in this 200+ page book.

There is indeed cause to celebrate!

How we will be celebrating!

We would have loved to take our CEOs to an exclusive and exotic destination for a weekend, enjoy continental delicacies, sip on the finest wines and champagne available whilst enjoying nights out partying on a yacht and more.

Not this time!

This time we will be:

  1. Giving 555 prospective members an opportunity to get a full 12-month membership for free.
  2. Old and new members will be able to take our new course – Starting A Business In Africa for free.
  3. We will be giving away 50,500 copies of our book – Under 40 CEOs. How We Made It In Africa. Volume 1.
  4. 5 businesses based in Lagos, Nigeria will get a workstation in a fully equipped co-working space.
  5. 5 businesses will receive a grant of $1,300 translating to R22,000 or N500,000 or GHC7,500 or RWFR1.23m depending on the country you reside in.

Please stay tuned to all our media channels between August and November for instructions on how to participate.

Season 2 is going live on our YouTube Page!

Over the next 52 weeks starting from Monday the 13th of July, 2020, we will be featuring 52 episodes of inspiring young business leaders who have built and are building businesses across various industries.

We have traveled East, West and South Africa to bring you their stories. We are positive that these stories will not only inspire and motivate you but also inform and educate those aspiring to build businesses in Africa whilst validating the experiences of those already building businesses in this tough terrain called Africa.

The industries featured this season include – Technology, Power, Construction and Infrastructure Management, Real Estate, Events, Social Impact, Fashion, Media, Entertainment, Hospitality, Finance, Fitness, Furniture, Oil and Gas and Healthcare.

Watch Season 2 trailer here.

As always, please note that we are committed to supporting you and your business to not only survive these times but to thrive.

Stay safe. We will be in touch.